Meet The Owner

Cheyenne Williams

From the time she was just 5 years old, Cheyenne has been passionate about animals. While she had an early interest in becoming a marine biologist, she chose instead to pursue training as a veterinary technician. She earned her certification in veterinary assisting while she was still in high school from the program at SCTI (now Suncoast Technical College). She has been working in veterinary practices and veterinary emergency hospitals in Sarasota county since she was just 16 years of age. 

Cheyenne currently does relief work at veterinary emergency clinics in the communities of Sarasota, University Parkway and Bradenton.

It was during her five-year tenure working as a veterinary technician at BluePearl that Cheyenne launched her pet care business and took the necessary courses to become a certified professional pet sitter. 

“I like the fact that I know my patients are well taken care of outside of the hospital.” -Cheyenne  

Cheyenne believes that the medical aspect of pet sitting is often overlooked in her industry. Her goal is to help bridge that gap by arranging continuing education courses for other area pet sitters who are interested in learning more, so they can provide better care for the pets that require more medical attention. 

Cheyenne has partnered with serval veterinarians in our community to offer her services to help their clients who need medical assistance at home. As well as multiple rescues, shelters and advocates for adoption. While she tends to animals who need her care, she is also a loving wife, mother of two daughters, three special needs cats, and three dogs. While her house seems full, there is always room for more paws! 

Although her life can be hectic- raising children, doing veterinary relief work, running a pet care business, working with rescues and also serving as the PTO president at her daughters school- Cheyenne enjoys every moment. 

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